Variolux system


Consistently variable – consistently profitable

Variolux combines superior material quality and workmanship with extensive system diversity. The system has filigree profiles and can also be fitted with UV-transparent glass on request.

Design diversity

The system offers an enormous latitude in design diversity due to its variable setup and conversion possibilities. Subsequent adaptations or additions can be easily made using the universally applicable profile and
weatherseal system.

Good thermal insulation, less condensation water

The Variolux aluminium structure is bolted outside on the supporting
steel structure.

The glasswork is always arranged outside on one level, thus minimising the metal surface that has contact to the outside air. For the majority of the structural elements, these metal surfaces are additionally covered with ethylene/propylene/terpolymer weather strips which simultaneously guarantee the sealing to the glass plates.

This improved thermal insulation leads to significantly less formation of condensed water.

Transparent efficiency

All seams are carefully sealed. The same seals are always used for the exterior glass level.

The gasket for the mullion joint is designed so that no air flow can arise in consequence of channel effects. The glass seating is likewise entirely tight. This gasket moreover ensures that no cold bridge can arise between the glass and profile.

Variable execution

The most diverse glasswork from 4 mm to 26 mm thickness are handled in the Variolux designs: simple glass, double-pane glass and plastic rib double plate as well as insulated glass.

Putty-free glazing

We implement putty-free glazing according to the well-tried Sapa principle, and the covering is executed with gasket profiles.

Whether the Kräss Convertible Greenhouse or Kräss Vario lifting-folding wall, the Variolux profile system provides a highly diverse range of design freedom.