Efficient system solution

Efficiency begins not only with the carefully planned acquisition of a new greenhouse, but rather most of all by the consideration of how to effectively renovate existing solid steel greenhouses. Even if the structures are stillin good condition, then the putty sealing is usually leaky and the glass plates are no longer securely connected with the mullions against storms.

In such cases, the safe solution can only offer a modern roof backfitting.

Our company has developed an efficient system solution for this situation – the KS system. The procedure provides the backfitting of steel greenhouses to putty-free single glazing or rib double plate without problems, especially recovering the ventilation.

With a good backfitting job you can achieve the standard of a new Variolux aluminium greenhouse!

With our tried and proven KS system you can adapt your well-preserved steel greenhouses without great expense to the requirements of modern plant cultivation. Simple additions can also upgrade the KS system to an energy-savingKs plus system. These measures offer a lasting retention of value for existing productive facilities at a comparatively small cost. Ask us about it!

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The KS system

This system features a particularly short assembly through the bonding of the mullions. Simultaneously the putty-free glazing achieves a longer lasting seal effectiveness. Additional advantages are a strong reduction of the condensation water with controlled drainage to the outside, the high stability of the steel mullions and the unchanged ventilating equipment. Self-assembly by means of an appropriate system solution is also an option.

ks system2

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The Ksplus system

The development of energy costs has been dramatic and requires an appropriate response. The Ksplus system for backfitting steel greenhouses creates an energy-saving roof cover which leads to an enormous reduction of energy costs. An additional insulating effect is achieved by the thermal separation of the mullions. Rib plates with a thickness of 16 mm can be used for these energy-saving measures. Even a subsequent upgrade of the simple KS system to the energy-saving Ksplus system is feasible without problems by means of simple additions, allowing you to effectively adapt to your respective operational requirements.

ks plus

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