Habitat for plants and people –
Kräss greenhouses

Like green islands, impressively conceived and executed greenhouses from our company can now be found everywhere in Europe. We have built attractive greenhouses for local gardening enterprises in many cities and locations at home and abroad, always perfectly harmonized to the local existing conditions.

Domestic gardening enterprises have undergone an enormous transformation in the last few decades. They have also long since introduced modern technology.
Apart from the personal nuance of the domestic gardener, customers find an inviting sales environment where they can easily find their way around and choose from an attractively presented assortment. Here your customers can shop with pleasure and will look forward to coming back.

We develop all greenhouses according to customer wishes. They are adapted to the respective requirements and dimensions and are accordingly conducive to sales and furnished in a state of the art manner. The constructions are stable, durable and easy to maintain with an excellent price-performance ratio.