VarioPlus –

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The combination of the shell made of Thermo 36 hi profiles and the climate concept K3000. For a garden centre and retail greenhouse with optimum energy efficiency .

VarioPlus – The Kräss CLIMATE ACTIVE HOUSE stands for energy saving operation and natural growth.

  • Optimised building layout by using and taking into account the location-specific climate factors
  • in winter warm and energy saving
  • in summer balanced climate, as well as hardly ever overheating the sales areas
  • lowest possible condensation formation on the inside of the facade
  • large volume, insulated channel, less operations, functioning emergency drainage according to DIN

Your plus points
+ customers stay longer in the garden centre
+ pleasant climate for employees
+ less plant rot in summer
+ energy saving of up to 34%

Variolux Thermo 36 hi
  • Better insulation due to triple glazing
  • Glass thickness up to 36 mm
  • Frames with double insulation

The requirements of ENEV 2009 are fulfilled!
Heat throughput coefficient Uw in glass roof up to 1.8 W/m²K and up to 1.4 W/m²K in the frontage.

A modern garden centre and retail green house is not only optically appealing and inviring but also offers sales and work areas with a pleasant climate.

The optimised construction with Thermo 36 hi profiles as well as the conception of the cladding depending on local climate data ensures that there is a pleasant climate in the garden centre and retail green house both in winter and summer and at the same time it can be operated energy efficiently.

Due to energy efficient operation of the garden centre and retail green house resources and climate protection will be concrete.

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