TASPO Awards 2008
Honouring the best in gardening and landscaping

Kräss GlasCon wins the
Lock Award – best technological innovations for horticulture, 2008

Berlin. On 7 November 2008 the most successful companies and individuals from all fields of the garden and landscape sector were honoured at the "Grand Hyatt" in Berlin.

In the field of technology and appliances, the Lock Award was presented for the best technological innovation for horticulture in 2008. The nominees for the Taspo Award were

  • Consortium Deutscher Baumschulen GmbH, Ellerbek
    "Sorting machine for grafting rootstock, seedlings and forest plants"
  • Voß Beregnungstechnik GbR, Niemberg/Eismannsdorf
    mobile sprinkler irrigation system for plant transporters
  • Technische Handelmaatschappij J. de Wild, NL - NH Roosendaal
    Elephant's Trunk harness for ergonomic work with hedge shears
  • Wilhelm van de Loo GmbH, Goch-Nierswalde
    Pe-Loo Wheel – travelling sprinkler
  • KrässGlasCon GmbH, Pfaffenhofen an der Roth
    Kräss K 3000 climate control concept

The winner of the Taspo Awards 2008 is KrässGlasCon GmbH, Pfaffenhofen an der Roth, with its K 3000 climate control concept.


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