Energy check –
Comparision of 3 garden centre designs

The need for safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly energy is constantly growing. Energy efficiency, climate protection and new CO2 -free energy technology play an increasingly decisive role here.

To allow you to gain an exemplary overview, we have made a comparison between the 3 designs used:

The Premium Garden Centre VarioPlus, the long tried and tested garden centre VarioBasic, as well as the low-cost Venlo design.

Energy consumption calculation

The comparative calculation of the energy efficiency is based on a reference object with 3200 hours of heating per year and a uniform plot size:

  • Floor space 1.900 m²
  • Enclosed space 11.820 m³
  • Outer wall 2.711 m²


GrafikAmortisationderMehrkosten en

Differences in energy consumption arise due to different covering materials such as panel thickness, triple-glazing, insulated plinths and guttering. The better the design of these elements, the shorter the amortisation period. Thus your garden centre becomes more energy effi cient.

Thus for example, with a Venlo roof, only coverings with 16 mm multi-skin panels (16 mm sandwich panelling) is possible, whereas for VarioBasic and VarioPlus, high-quality safety insulated glass (26 mm thick) with thermally separated bar glazing and sandwich panelling (60 -100 mm thick) can be used.

Compare our three designs using the blue info box on energy consumption.

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