K3000 –
and your garden habitat is perfect

The Kräss GlasCon climate concept K3000 makes optimal use of the sun and heat insulation components of a garden centre or a commercial greenhouse (ventilation flaps, shadows, glass panels, etc.) to produce the best possible climate for humans and plants alike.

The climate concept K3000 is made up of the following components:

  • the climate computer with special climate software for the windward and leeward control of the ventilation flaps
  • the project planning software especially developed and programmed for this application
  • the cover design

The cover design takes into account the following aspects:

  • the climate data depending on the location of the building
  • the arrangement of the building with regard to the course of the sun
  • the share of glass in the roof
  • the nature of the used glass (single glazing, insulating glazing, heat insulating glazing, anti-sun glazing, etc.)
  • the position of the ventilation flaps
  • the nature and construction of the shadow system
  • possible concrete buildings or basements connected to the glass house.

Existing garden centres / commercial greenhouses can of course be upgraded with K3000. However, the climatic enhancements cannot be compared with the conditions in a new building with K3000 in comparison to a new building without K3000.

Kräss GlasCon wins the Lock Award – best technological innovations for horticulture, 2008

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