VarioSystem -
The Retail Sales Greenhouse System from Kräss

An impressive building concept – thought out, tried out, economic!

The ideal construction captivates through stable and optimised design and is suitable for all location situations. The use of the tested Variolux-Aluminium profile system, the 26 mm double glazing, the combination of glass and panel in the roof and walls, as well as generous ridge ventilation on both sides - all this ensures an excellent climate in the retail spaces and good energy savings.

The commercial greenhouse VarioSystem fulfils all the requirements of a modern retail sales greenhouse:

  • Variably extendable modular kit principal in length and width
  • Maximum flexibility through single or multi-span construction design
  • Generous leeway in term of design due to gutter height of over 3.4 m
  • Choice between various presentations and costumer specific entrance areas and facades
  • Easy to assemble and maintain, unusually long lived and stable
  • Well suited to self-assembly due to carefully prepared construction kit
  • An optimal, economic complete concept

The VarioSystem retail sales greenhouse from Kräss offers the following advantages:

  • An excellent climate on sales location – for people and plants
  • A quick delivery due to already predetermined construction ki
  • An excellent price-performance ratio

Naturally you can optionally equip the VarioSystem with all current furnishings.

Come and see for yourself. We will be happy to advise you!

The VarioSystem retail sales greenhouses – an optimal, economic complete concept!

VarioSystem 1 en

All technical data and advantages at a glance: galvanized steel support structure with a glazing in the aluminium cross bars, in System Variolux V26 with black APTK cover and push lock. The construction is then placed on an insulated concrete base at the site of construction.

  • Roof pitch 24°
  • Aisle width 9.6 m
  • Height UK steel gutters up to 3.4 m
  • Plinth height 0.5 m
  • Grid binder /column grid 3.065 m
  • Continuous ventilation flaps on both sides 2 m wide cover with sun protection glazing ESG/VSG
  • Ventilation drives: Lock drives and ZSG gear racks
  • Covering of fixed roof: panels with PU-insulating core 80 mm
  • Covering of the side walls and gables: insulating glass 26 mm Float/Float
  • Statics: max. 180 kg snow load

VarioSystem 2 en

  • Double-strike doors with security insulating glass:
    dimensions approx. 2 × 2.5 m
  • Single-strike doors with security insulating glass:
    dimensions approx. 1 × 2.5 m
  • Frames for clients own automatic doors:
    dimensions approx. 1.5 × 2.5 m
  • Regulation and control for automatic ventilation:
    open – closed

VarioSystem 3 en

Realise your own personal VarioSystem retail sales greenhouse with our individual construction kit system:

The width of the garden centre can be continuously supplemented by adding aisles next to each other (see figure left).
1 aisle = 9.6 m wide | 2 aisles = 19.2 wide | 3 aisles = 28.8 wide | ...

The length of the garden centre can be continuously supplemented by adding grid binders next to each other (see figure left).
1 grid binder (gb) covers 3.065 m
6 gb = 18.4 m | 7 gb = 21.4 m | 6 gb = 24.5 m | ...


We are your partners when it comes to perfectly planned and developed constructions of glass and steel. As a German firm with 100 years of company tradition and an international orientation, today we are the leading producers of greenhouses, commercial greenhouses and garden centres in Germany and Europe.

Our customers in over 19 countries benefit from – our many years of experience, our application of innovative technologies and our unparalleled service.

We ensure a good climate directly in your sales location – with energy efficient constructions and well thought-out climate concepts. You can rely on us for that!

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