Green worlds on the blue planet –
Kräss international

One garden centre seldom comes alone. But it by no means comes all by itself, because until such a centre is built, our company had to successfully give proof of its competence, performance capability and flexibility in many projects at home and abroad.

Today we are among the leading manufacturers of greenhouses and garden centres in Germany and all of Europe. The spectrum meanwhile extends from the EU nations over all of Eastern Europe up to Russia, where we are very successfullyexpanding into an extremely demanding market with our subsidiary in Moscow.

It is this international project experience which has prepared the ground for our many co-operations with local partners. This confidence in us and – one may well say it – in solid German workmanship from Kräss GlasCon also makesus a little bit proud. And this will be our measure in the future as well.

The countries and continents may be different, but many things are common to all: the pleasure in flowers and plants in the home and garden. And this is what we are working toward – together with you.