Certification - endorsed quality and commitment

Zertifikat ISO 9001 2008 en

ISO 9001: 2015

For a modern, forward-thinking company such as Kräss GlasCon, that places high demands on itself and its performance, being evaluated and certified by an independent testing organisation such as TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH is a valuable and indispensable element of corporate life.

Additional information: www.tuev-sued.de/management_systeme

z1 lock

Certified specialists

in garden centre and greenhouse products made by Lock Antriebstechnik GmbH

Additional information: www.lockdrives.com

z1 ram

Certified specialists

for products made by
RAM-Regel- und Messtechnische Apparate GmbH
(in German only)

Additional information: www.ram-herrsching.de

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Factory production control according to EN 1090

Specialist VARIOLUX

For the processing of the system Sapa-Variolux

Additional information: www.sapagroup.com