Variolux-Thermal 26-system


Freedom by innovation

Using the Variolux Thermo 26, we can implement new ideas with innovative technology. The careful sealing of the seams without air flow at the mullion joints and no cold bridges between glass and profile provide a clean solution.

Everything good rises to the top

A ridge protective cover and purlin jointing, double shelled and made of ethylene/propylene/terpolymer, glass holders of high quality plastic with insulating hollow chambers – that is perfect thermal insulation, systematic sealing and optimal ventilation in the roof area.

No warm rain

The thermo-insulated gutter is an energy-saving alternative which can close the gaps in the thermal insulation.

Good prospects

Not only the energy efficiency of Variolux Thermo 26 is a good deal. The enormous diversity of this profile system opens unforeseen design possibilities.

All options open

The Variolux Thermo 26 system makes it possible to easily adapt to the most diverse types of roof coverings.

Perfect energy saving

It is possible to employ insulated glass of 26 mm thickness (Ug value < 1.2 W/M2K) in filigreed greenhouse profiles. This solution meets the most demanding requirements.

Save by planning

A variable setup and conversion system keeps you open and flexible for later changes. The universally applicable profile and jointing system permits glasswork of 4 mm to 26 mm as well as subsequent adaptations, for example to double glazing.

All-round thermal insulation

The connections of all components have an uninterrupted thermal insulation. No warmth is lost which must be replaced by expensive heating. This means savings!